Los Angeles Clippers: Can the NBA Be Clipped?

Here’s a clip… well, that’s a well -known phrase in the film and Hollywood -style scene. You can take a piece from a movie or TV show and talk about it in relation to the rest of the show, the rest of the media industry, and society as a whole. You can dissect the scene or scenes picked out to analyze and talk it up regarding behavior, scenery, dress of the participants/ costumes, the setting, anything that one can use to categorize what people say and do in the world of entertainment.

The same applies to the world of professional sports.

In this case we talk about a few seconds’ clip of a conversation from NBA team owner Donald Sterling, wherein he makes an extreme racist comment regarding bringing “black” players to parties. Considering such players make up most of the National Basketball Association, Mr. Sterling really put his foot… well, feet, in it when he said that. Now his wife wants to retain her ownership of the Clippers, but she had just as much a part in supporting such behavior as Mr. Sterling, so both need to be removed from any further involvement with the NBA.

Meanwhile, what can the fans or supporters of the NBA do? We can talk with our pocketbooks for one thing! We do not have to support the spoiled brat owners and overpaid players and CEOs of the NBA. There are better things most of us can do with our money. And there are better examples we can set for our families. No one in Los Angeles has to support the Clippers; there are other things you can do with your time and money if you are so inclined. You can leave off going to the games all together for one thing. Just stop, cease and desist, terminate your financial support for the NBA.

Spend time with your spouse, your kids, your extended family. Go on a great vacation and have fun away from the talk and chat and mental trash and karmic garbage of the cities and the mass media. Imagine the vacation you could extend with the equivalent of the price of a season ticket to some boring game! You can spend time at home with your family – just hunker down in the quiet privacy of the house, with a fun family time of pizza, a movie, soda, popcorn, fun foods and drinks and gathering on the couch to bond. Forget professional sports; become a professional at having a good time with family and friends. Use the money you would spend on tickets and buy some really great food and serve a fine dinner at home to your family, friends or colleagues. Dress the table with candles, your best plates and flatware and napkins and some flowers, put on some mood music and have a party.

Or if you have wanted to take up a hobby you can use that money to try something in the arts world. Try photography; let your creative talents shine instead of watching a few guys on a wooden floor run up and down trying to put a rubber ball into a network basket for a few minutes at a time, with their loud and cruddy mouths and their bad attitudes up and down constantly on your squawk box with the blaring pixelated screen. Spend the ticket money on a nice DSLR with a great set of lenses and take off on a weekend vacation to try it out. Try your hand at painting or drawing or landscaping.

Of course you can always set the world of the celebrity and the media aside, turn everything off and go outside to do something for your community. Participate in a cleanup day; plant a garden, clean up the trash, mow a neighbor’s lawn, repair a deck or driveway. Paint your house… paint an elderly neighbor’s house. Wash the car, walk the dog of a sick friend. Take a war veteran to the movies. Treat yourself to a movie if you are a vet and know that your efforts paved the way for others in that theater to enjoy that show. Be proud of your output, no matter what you do to contribute to helping your community. Know that you are doing something for others, not supporting a group of spoiled and hyped multi -millionaires on some sweaty basketball court.

You can do more with your time and money… you just have to find out what interests you and try it out.

Divi Logan, Chicago, 2014.


Guns and Drugs Do No Good… and Chicago Can Do Without Them.


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Look, folks, the ATF and FBI and Chicago Police and First Responders can’t do all the work of prevention… so it is time for citizens to step up, speak up, and speak out, and do so every day, with as much force as it takes to counter what has been going on ever since the weather started to warm up around here.

OK, people, time to take back the streets that are YOUR streets, in YOUR communities! These are the places you bought and built to raise your families in, to plant your gardens in, and to have a place to sit down to dinner or on your porch after work and enjoy the privileges of working hard, paying taxes, and living in America.

Time to show those gang people and gun and drug runners that, simply put and stated, THEY ARE NOT WELCOME!

You have to show that forcefully and physically when necessary. Do you know of someone with illegal guns or sources of them? TURN THEM IN! Know someone running drugs? TURN THEM IN! SNITCH ALREADY!

And quit calling it “snitching”- that’s so negative and so childish. These are not video games where people get a second chance to come back. Once someone is shot, THEY ARE SHOT, and they are in pain and wounded and could be dead. This is not some pixelated stuff someone puts on a screen; these are real people in the line of fire and in harm’s way.

And they are innocent children who are in some sort of area labeled “gang turf”. What? WHAT KIND OF SILLINESS IS THAT? GANG TURF? Indeed! Blame the media for continually talking about our communities in this manner. The more we allow the media to talk about “gang turf” or “gang violence” or “gang related” or “shootings” every day the more power they are giving to the gangs. Just talking about the problems is not going to do anything; there must be action. And right now.

That turf, that land, was the land of law -abiding American citizens before some idiots who are part of a gang decided to bring their unwelcome crop of drugs, guns, prostitution and other crimes into the area and begin to terrorize people with guns, graffiti and threats. YOU DARE THREATEN? Well then the people who have to endure your stuff can fight back.

There is strength in numbers; we can fight back. Use Biblical methods if necessary – come at the interlopers with sticks and stones, beat them out of the neighborhood. Ostracize them as though they have some kind of contagious disease. Tell them their drugs are not needed or wanted around there, and to move on. GET OUT OF HERE! Shout it right in their ear if need be, and come at them and drive them off the corners with your two -by -fours drawn and ready to beat the life out of them.

“That’s good riddance for all you have done in this area, you nasty gang banger! Get off my street and leave the kids alone! GO AWAY and DON’T COME BACK! EVER!”

Do whatever you must to show them that they are nothing but flies that can easily be swatted away and sprayed with bug killer. The killer is the lack of interest you can show for what they are offering.

Conquer your needs for drugs and violence! You can do better if you are depending on the drugs and the means of escape that are so violent and useless; you don’t need to encounter others and life in those ways. Drugs do no good for you- they can be deadly, they can cause you to hallucinate, to lose sleep, to lose appetite, to become very sick, and to become abusive. Violence is not necessary, either against yourself (needles, drugs, alcoholism, fighting) or against others (abuse, fighting, shouting, terrorism, prostitution), so turn the heat on those who have seen fit to turn the heat up in your communities.

When those who have suffered realize who has been fueling their suffering, they will wake up and realize, “Hey, I can do something about this. I can choose other ways and methods and means of feeling better, of taking daily life, of living with my family and of being a productive citizen. I don’t have to be treated like a loser… and those drug people are seeing me as vulnerable, a target. I CAN TAKE CHARGE! And I don’t need those drugs anymore!”

Once you understand that the drugs only offer short -term effects and are terribly expensive, and illegal, and can get you into deep trouble, you will no longer turn to the gangs. You can free yourself from their grip, and you can help free someone else from their poisons and toxins. You can turn away, and that’s the best approach of all. You can show them, “I don’ t need you, and our families don’t need you either, so get out and get lost!”

Besides, gang people are nothing but cowards. Who else would engage in drive -by shootings, wear dark clothes or masks, make silent signs, and deal stealthily on street corners? They are cowards, I say again, and cowards do not deserve anything but to be driven out of the community and consigned to solitary confinement and wandering in the deserts of their own dementia and troubles, as punishment for the troubles they have inflicted on others.

Gangs, go away. We are tired of you! Let me emphasize, along with the Mayor, with the police department, and with the families, with all the first responders who have to see the tragedies and who are put in danger every day, and with all of us who are tired of the “if it bleeds it leads” headlines, WE ARE TIRED OF YOU GANG PEOPLE! Keep your junk and your online arguments and your other behavioral problems to yourselves already.

The Mayor is fed up and who can blame him – who wants to have to talk with families when their children are caught in the crossfire of gangs who feel the need to take their junk out to the streets and terrorize others? And since this can plainly be called terrorism- that’s right, gangs promote TERRORISM and don’t forget that – now the Feds have to step in and see what they can do to reduce the violence. The gang people need to be rounded up, arrested, and thrown into jail with the key thrown away. The time for talking with them is done, the time for patiently waiting for them to reform is over, long over. We are sick of them, we are tired of them, we are fed up with them and we want them out.

Far as I am concerned, the mayor and the governor need to call out the National Guard, SWAT, and whomever else can help solve the problems, to take control and bring order to the streets again and be there till the gang people realize that they are not going to get any more ground and that their efforts are wasted, their battles are lost, their resources are not going to match up, and that they may as well dry up and blow away like chaff in the winds of change.

Gangs, get lost and stay lost!

Divi Logan, Chicago, 2014.


There’s You and Me But Need we Disagree or Act Up so Much? Congress and the State of the Union.

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Stress Less: Naturally Live and Carry On!


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We have been taught, very much programmed, to think on the run, to be rushed and hurried, to anticipate and to expect… and somehow, to stress out.

Then there are the methods people have come up with to reduce the stress that we seem to expect from daily life. There are spiritual practices, which for Buddhists are part of daily life, and there are drugs, and there is yoga, and there are massages, and there are exercises, and there are those who say “tune it out and just get on with things”.

What else is there? Answer the question: What causes “stress” in the first place for many people? Stress seems to be the result of what happens when expectations do not measure up with results; then our minds spend hours analyzing, thinking, chewing on what went wrong (more often than what went right), and losing sleep and losing our appetites because we expected or anticipated one result and another one showed up.

What can we do then that might reduce our dependence on short -term coping methods such as drugs by the expensive dose –load, or massages that temporarily flush our bodies of pain and suffering and lactic acid?

We can learn to take life naturally, and not place such a high, “set in stone” priority on expecting or anticipating. For daily life can be seen rather as a baseball game.

In baseball, every at bat is different, every inning and every game will be different. Your team can play the same team three days in a row and the results will be attained in different ways. You might have the same line –ups, but the pitchers will not be the same and the weather conditions will not be the same. The ball will carry differently depending on the winds; the turf will be different, the plays will be fielded differently.

The managers can “expect” a play to go a certain way but what if it does not? What happens then – stress. The pitcher wanted a strike called but the umpire called the pitch a ball; so much for the strikeout. A batter wants to launch a home run but instead gets under the ball and hits a long out. Well, the hit might advance a runner or it might be the third out of the inning.

As is baseball, so is life. We might go to the same bus stop we do each weekday for our trip in to the shop. We might get there about the same time each day but the bus might be late by a few minutes due to construction, a fire, or a crash that causes a reroute. When we get to work we might expect some colleague to show up but perhaps they do not, so part of the day’s plan might not be done, or lunches might be cut short because the staff has fewer people.

Some people say it is not good to lower expectations, but considering the effects stress has on the body, not setting so much on expecting something might be the best thing we can do save for treat ourselves when we have done something good at the office or had a very successful week or done some kind of community service. It is useless to anticipate what will happen; anticipation is the companion of worry, and worry does no good.

We can also learn to “mind less”. When we mind too much, we continue thinking about every little thing that happens, every person that comes and goes, every gesture, everything, and getting the small stuff too much in our minds causes just as much worry as anticipation and expectation. We can indeed have “too much on our minds”. In this age of too much information, we have to learn to do more than merely “tune out” what is not relevant or important. We have to change our thinking on not only how much information we need and is necessary, but on those who say we need to pay so much attention to the information provided. Thank goodness for the mute button and the OFF switch.

Each day presents opportunities to be fresh and new regarding what will happen. You have heard the idea of “open mind”; that is basically another way of saying “Be natural”. Let things happen as they will; if the bus comes a couple minutes late, it comes a couple minutes late. If someone does not show up on time or at all, arrange lunches with the staff members that show up. It is polite, if you happen to be late because of a transit situation, to tell someone why you were late or what happened, and get to your position as soon as possible so the day can carry on.

Do not let your job run you; YOU control your work and your interactions with customers. You say who is next and attend to the person you are assisting. Patience on all sides is a virtue, but you have the hand when in a sales situation. You might expect something to happen but if it does not, that energy is wasted in the anticipation of selling something, seeing someone, hearing something or experiencing something. Here is where the idea of the open mind is useful. Once you are at the workplace, ascertain things when you arrive. Do not anticipate ANYTHING; plans can change on a moment’s notice and situations can pop up.

There could be a storm, a building evacuation, a car crashing into the building, a fire or a swarm of bees that lands on the bridge near where you work. The boss could be in a great mood or he could be in a foul mood. The vice –president could be ready with her plan or she might put it off because there has been an event in her family that requires her attention away from the company. Though you cannot anticipate happenings such as those above or know what to do in such cases until someone else informs you, there can be some kind of “Plan B” at the firm for when someone cannot follow through with what is supposed to be on the day’s agenda.

You can find something else to do- there is always work to be done at many businesses. You can find ways to be helpful or find something to learn. Or if things just aren’t going to go as the day’s schedule mandated, you might just go back home. Who knows? If that swarm of bees hangs around you might just have to “telecommute”!

Anticipation, expectation, and worry are three little demons that afflict many people around the world and are major sources of “stress”. But each day brings chances to start with a clean slate, to meet the day free of thoughts of “what might happen”. Each day brings the bridges, but you will not know how to cross the bridges till you come to them.

You come up to the bridge and look at the situation. What is going on? Is the bridge intact and thus can be walked across with ease on sturdy supports? Is there a flood that has washed out the bridge so that it cannot be passed? What are the conditions? You cannot know until you see the situation and find out how then to deal with it.

Cross the bridges when you come to them.

Divi Logan, Chicago, ©2013.

America Shattered by Disasters: Help is Urgently Needed!!


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The recent disasters of this year could be turned into a song, a poem, a newscast, and they have been in name and number rolling off the tongues of reporters and residents since the Boston Marathon bombing and its after -effects.

There were the terrible fires in California with the extremely dry conditions there; there was the wayward officer who had parts of California on edge for days, and now nature has taken over yet again.

Cleburne, Texas; Granbury, Texas; West, Texas; Oklahoma City, Newcastle, Oklahoma, Boston, Massachusetts, and now we see the nearly complete and utter devastation in the hard -hit town of Moore, Oklahoma. These are towns hit hard by tornadoes and severe weather, an explosion in an industrial plant, a bombing and terrorism. The people of this nation have been brutalized by man and by nature in the past weeks.

Well, I have one thing to say to the celebrities of our nation: GET UP AND START DOING YOUR PART NOW! What do I mean exactly? It is this: the hard -working people of these cities and towns have paid good money to see your shows and your movies, millions of dollars paid in to see these events. Your kids then can go to posh and super -uber private schools, be dressed in expensive clothes and shoes by nannies and supervised in the breakfast room by British butlers. Now your kids can have the very best, so shouldn’t the people who have supported your elaborate lifestyles expect something from you?

I do not mean putting on the music shows for the benefit of you getting some photo opportunity or your name in the paparazzi press and top headlines in the magazines. Why not just get out there and contribute by putting in some elbow grease and telling the camera people and your agents to leave the celebrity stuff behind for once. Act like the ordinary citizens you really are anyway, and put on the cleanup gear. Get out the leather gloves and the jeans, the heavy boots and the hats, the plain shirts and the water bottles and the sack lunches and get alongside those who are right now searching the rubble of Moore, Cleburne, and Granbury and other parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and maybe now even parts of Arkansas, Kansas, and Tennessee. Severe weather also moved through Illinois and Missouri and Iowa.

So you celebrities and American royalty who are not making your presence known, go ahead and take the chance. Put aside the glitz, bling, glimmer and shine of the stage, the fancy clothes, the designer gowns and the lights and the pricey jewelry. Get right alongside the folks who have supported your careers by buying the magazines, the CDs, the DVDs, the music videos, the ring tones and the designer lines of sheets, clothes, shoes and furnishings for the home and office.

Get in there! Get into the soup kitchens and make cauldrons of soup, pans of bread, saucepans of vegetables, sandwiches for the first responders, and bowls of Jello and pudding for the kids. Go into the hospitals and help the chaplains; go in and pray for the survivors, and go to the bedsides of the children to bring them stuffed animals, books, art supplies or other toys.

The people are out there and you should be too if you have the time and energy. Bring your hands out there; there are people who need all the help the nation can give right now. There are lives to rebuild, homes to reconstruct, communities to bring back to life, wounds to heal and lives to reconnect.

You are needed. Everyone, do what you are able.

Divi Logan, Chicago, 2013.