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Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s original congressional photo

Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s original congressional photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson (Photo credit: Neon Tommy)

Jesse Jackson, Jr. is a son, a father, a husband; he is more though than a child and a parent and a spouse, though. He is a congressman, an elected official trusted by the people of the Second Congressional District in Illinois to represent them in Washington. He is a public servant, a chosen representative, a person the people who took the time to cast their votes hope in to do things for their community.

To some among us it falls to our lives to become elected officials to represent a group of people, the constituents who place their trust in someone in order that the group have representation in the halls of power, be they in Washington or in a local town hall. Now officials are certainly not superhuman; they are the same people before or after an election as they were when they chose to run for that office.

It also befalls that those people, being human, are susceptible to what happens to many people. They can get sick as we can, get married and have marital problems as anyone can, have to travel, to do heavy and hard business for their constituents, and be in trouble with the law. It just happens that a lot of this has happened to the Jackson family all at once, and unless you have a heart of stone that is so cold it may as well be in Antarctica, you will have pity and mercy on anyone on whom such a lot heaves its weight.

Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr. is no doubt doing all he can to speak to the issues affecting his son, but he is after all a father first. He has the same concerns that any good parent would have when a child is ill and feeling out of sorts and having troubles of the magnitude the congressman is going through. I can only imagine what Mr. Jackson’s children are going through; surely they know things are not quite right at home.

Let all who are able offer prayers and petitions for Congressman and Alderman Jackson and their family as they deal with difficulties and struggle to come to terms with the stories in the news, the invasions of their privacy, people watching their home all the time waiting for movement so they can get a photo or a story. Let us hope they are able to somehow hold their family together with the help of loving relatives, friends, and their church or worship community.

Official Leaves

Official Leaves (Photo credit: topgold)

Divi Logan, Nashville and Chicago, 2012.