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The recent disasters of this year could be turned into a song, a poem, a newscast, and they have been in name and number rolling off the tongues of reporters and residents since the Boston Marathon bombing and its after -effects.

There were the terrible fires in California with the extremely dry conditions there; there was the wayward officer who had parts of California on edge for days, and now nature has taken over yet again.

Cleburne, Texas; Granbury, Texas; West, Texas; Oklahoma City, Newcastle, Oklahoma, Boston, Massachusetts, and now we see the nearly complete and utter devastation in the hard -hit town of Moore, Oklahoma. These are towns hit hard by tornadoes and severe weather, an explosion in an industrial plant, a bombing and terrorism. The people of this nation have been brutalized by man and by nature in the past weeks.

Well, I have one thing to say to the celebrities of our nation: GET UP AND START DOING YOUR PART NOW! What do I mean exactly? It is this: the hard -working people of these cities and towns have paid good money to see your shows and your movies, millions of dollars paid in to see these events. Your kids then can go to posh and super -uber private schools, be dressed in expensive clothes and shoes by nannies and supervised in the breakfast room by British butlers. Now your kids can have the very best, so shouldn’t the people who have supported your elaborate lifestyles expect something from you?

I do not mean putting on the music shows for the benefit of you getting some photo opportunity or your name in the paparazzi press and top headlines in the magazines. Why not just get out there and contribute by putting in some elbow grease and telling the camera people and your agents to leave the celebrity stuff behind for once. Act like the ordinary citizens you really are anyway, and put on the cleanup gear. Get out the leather gloves and the jeans, the heavy boots and the hats, the plain shirts and the water bottles and the sack lunches and get alongside those who are right now searching the rubble of Moore, Cleburne, and Granbury and other parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and maybe now even parts of Arkansas, Kansas, and Tennessee. Severe weather also moved through Illinois and Missouri and Iowa.

So you celebrities and American royalty who are not making your presence known, go ahead and take the chance. Put aside the glitz, bling, glimmer and shine of the stage, the fancy clothes, the designer gowns and the lights and the pricey jewelry. Get right alongside the folks who have supported your careers by buying the magazines, the CDs, the DVDs, the music videos, the ring tones and the designer lines of sheets, clothes, shoes and furnishings for the home and office.

Get in there! Get into the soup kitchens and make cauldrons of soup, pans of bread, saucepans of vegetables, sandwiches for the first responders, and bowls of Jello and pudding for the kids. Go into the hospitals and help the chaplains; go in and pray for the survivors, and go to the bedsides of the children to bring them stuffed animals, books, art supplies or other toys.

The people are out there and you should be too if you have the time and energy. Bring your hands out there; there are people who need all the help the nation can give right now. There are lives to rebuild, homes to reconstruct, communities to bring back to life, wounds to heal and lives to reconnect.

You are needed. Everyone, do what you are able.

Divi Logan, Chicago, 2013.