What will we think of next?

What will we think of next? Perhaps when we start to put aside the static and think outside our own boxes of prejudice, we will know.

Thus we hear the State of the Union (SOTU) address, just ended and with Congress adjourned, and what did we hear? We heard the typical, we heard a President hopping mad with all the lack of cooperation in Washington, we heard stories of real, honest, honorable, hard -working Americans who have beat the odds- a soldier, a teacher, a couple wanting their first home, a lady who badly needed health coverage, a business owner who has given his employees a raise.

These are the backbone of our nation, not the elected officials in whom we put so much money and to whom we give so much air and media time, far too much and every day and every hour. The small business owner, the family who has to have every person work who is able to do so just to make ends meet, the single parent, the teacher and the soldier- these are the people who are the foundation of our great nation. We are strong, but we are fragmented.

We can get better, we need to get better, we must make improvements, but we cannot start at the top and work down. Like the way a rosebush begins its life, it needs good soil to take root in and begin to grow. It needs rain, nourishment, tending to keep weeds and debris away so sun and water can get in freely. And with patience and time the single sprout will grow into a magnificent rosebush with dozens if not hundreds of roses emitting their marvelous fragrance and enough for many people to share their loveliness and cut them perhaps for a desk or table or to grace the room of a person stuck in a hospital or other care facility.

Education, information and illumination: the roots of learning.

Education is Information and Illumination.

Congress has become a bad word, like the proverbial “four letter words” we learned not to say because it was not civil or polite to do so. Congress has not cooperated, Congress has not worked to improve our lives; these members we trusted and put in office are out of touch with the citizens of this nation and with each other. Who cares about HOW the policies are implemented- JUST IMPLEMENT THEM for the good of those who are in need.

Are there people in need of disaster relief due to tornadoes, such as those in the areas around Washington, Illinois? Are there people struggling with mental illness who have served this nation and who will need a lot of care? HELP THEM- I don’t care HOW you do it, Congress. Follow the motto of a certain big corporation and just for the love of all that is decent DO IT!

Do what is right and proper and civil, decent and honorable; bend your arrogant stiff backs down to raise up those your policies have weighed down with despair, with red tape, and with the wonder whether they will be able to succeed, get that coveted education and raise a family. Make the cuts but begin with YOUR OWN SALARIES first, with your perks and privileges which you do not deserve because you have not done your work properly.

Stop talking and start listening.

The Wise Old Owl Sat on the Oak. The More He Saw the Less He Spoke. The Less He Spoke the More He Heard. Why Can’t we be More Like that Wise Old Bird?

If we did our jobs the way you in Congress have done yours, we would have been reprimanded, fired even; we would not get our own cafeteria, gym, showers and lockers, cleaning staff, security details, drivers, and tailors. We would not be near our boss as often as you are near your boss, the President. But remember this, YOU WORK FOR US, it is not the other way around. You have been employed by us, the citizens of this nation. And we expect you to do the job for which you were hired.

Divi Logan, Chicago, 2014.