First Page: Readers Take a Look Here to Begin.


To My Readers: stay tuned as this blog is redeveloped to better reflect the changing needs of America and our world as we grow and learn.

Please request permission first before reblogging an article to your posts or pages. This is greatly appreciated. You can e-mail me at to ensure proper communication. Let me know, if you would be so kind, your purpose or intentions for the reblogging or any causes the reblogging/sharing might support for the benefit of others.

Divi Logan, your author and web site designer, is originally from Music City, USA, that is, Nashville, Tennessee. I am the daughter of proud parents Thomas and Jimmi, and in this line take the time to remember my late brother, Guy, who departed this earthly life in April of 2004.

Our business is education and the development of ideas and concepts designed to promote infrastructure improvements and remedial helps for behavior, workplace ethics, and our education and health care systems. We have an online store called EDUSHIRTS. In the main, our feature ideas are:

* Bedside Manners and Hospital -quality Hygiene (Wash Your Hands)

Social Graces and Good Manners for Healthy Living.

* Community Service and Good Citizenship

Good citizenship is the perfection of the social graces.

Environmental Care, Preservation, and Renewable/ Sustainable Resources

Windmill, wind farm, farmland; preserving America’s green spaces for healthy living.

Language Arts, SpanishEnglish Basics, and Tutoring Services Promotion

Language Arts: The Foundation of Communication      Anti- pollution, dark -sky programs, healthy living and activitiesThe fine art of living the “dark-sky” lifestyle- healthier for everyone.


Divi Logan. All articles ® EDUSHIRTS and The T-shirt Curriculum, Nashville and Chicago, © 2004 – 2011.


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